• The view from Mount Maunganaui

    The view from Mount Maunganaui

    In the previous post, with the cloud shaped like a fish, I mentioned Mount Maunganaui. In this post I show you what it looked like from the top of this mountain. It is only just over 760ft high but it looks impressive. The walk up to the top is not for the faint hearted, even […]

  • When you see it …

    When you see it …

    In an area of New Zealand called the Bay of Plenty, near Tauranga there is a town called Mount Maunganui.  Mount Maunganui is also the name of the huge extinct volcanic cone, 761 ft in height,  that somewhat dominates the town and is locally known simply as ‘The Mount’. We were just about to set […]

  • Kingfisher type bird in New Zealand

    Kingfisher type bird in New Zealand

    On my recent trip to New Zealand we were in a town called Whakatane on the North Island. There is a very enjoyable river walk which brings you from the town, along the river, and back. Along the way you see many wading birds, sea gulls and many other birds. One of the birds I […]

  • By the Waters Edge, New Zealand

    By the Waters Edge, New Zealand

    Continuing from my previous post from Nelson Lakes, New Zealand, this shot is from the first of the lakes which we visited. The area has a wonderful variety of light and shade and in the evening sun I took this shot while a girl walked out onto the pier. Adding people to a shot really […]

  • New Zealand – Land of Reflections

    New Zealand – Land of Reflections

    New Zealand is a beautiful country and this year was my 3rd visit in 4 years. One of the features of New Zealand, especially the south island, is the number of reflective lakes which can be found. The ones I remember most were at Fox Glacier and also on the way to Milford Sound. This […]

  • Supermoon August 10th

    Supermoon August 10th

    I didn’t get out with the camera in time to see the Supermoon rise on August 10th (once source quoted 10:48 as being the moon rise time) . By the time I released it was earlier I decided to wait until the moon was thigh enough in the sky to get a clear shot at […]

  • SuperMoon Shot with New 70-300 Lens

    SuperMoon Shot with New 70-300 Lens

    My Canon 70-300 lens got a battering over the past few years (I had it over 6 years) so I invested in a brand new 70-300. The latest version of this zoom lens has IS and 2 auto-focus modes. The zoom is incredible and I have taken some great shots of aircraft at 36,000ft, on […]

  • Woodland Evening Light

    Woodland Evening Light

    I always like unusual lighting conditions and on a recent woodland walk I noticed a tree which was being lit in spots thanks to the overhead canopy and surrounding trees filtering the light. This resulted in only a section of the tree being lit and thus created an effect which I very much liked. The […]

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny

    St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny

    On a recent walk in Kilkenny as the evening was closing in, the rays of the sun and the silhouette of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny drew my attention. Using spot metering I was able to place the cathedral so that it was darker than the background and thus also showing the lighting and texture of […]