Suir Bridge through fog – Photo of the Week

I took a few shots this week – however without a tripod (shame on me) I wasn’t overly happy with some of them. I did however, like this photo of the N25 Suir Bridge as the top of it peeks through a heavy freezing fog as well a an early morning shot in Co. Kilkenny. So technically I am doing 2 shots this week as I’m not sure which I was happiest with.

The first one is the Suir Bridge peeking out through freezing fog. Its not the best shot but I do like the concept. A recent investment in some ND filters and a cable release means that I might re-visit this spot and try a similar shot.

Suir Bridge through Fog - Photo of the Week

I was however torn between the above photo and the photo below which was taken in Co. Kilkenny as the sun was rising.

Sunrise over Kilkenny - Photo of the Week

Let me know what you think would be your favourite from the two shots on this page.

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