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Crows in the Tree Tops at Sunset – 8/Project 52

Crows in the Tree Tops at Sunset

Last Week I was out and about at or near sunset and I spotted a large number of crows in the trees. When I took the photo they were moving so fast, that even at 1/100 the birds were still showing up as moving blurred images. I like this shot because of the color in the sky (totally natural – no photoshop apart from a slight boost on Fill Light and Exposure +0.5).

Crows in the Tree Tops at Sunset

I didn’t really get a chance to go out with the camera much last week but I’m glad I got this shot, if only for the color and unusual shapes.

I’m hoping to get some shots of the International Space Station as it travels over Ireland this week, for next weeks Project 52 shot.

6 thoughts on “Crows in the Tree Tops at Sunset – 8/Project 52”

    • Many Thanks for the comment Mark.

      I think that chaos with the backdrop of colour and the unusual shapes of the trees is what does it for me.
      Probably one of the more adventurous shots I’ve posted thus far !

      Thanks for stopping by!

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