Waterford City in the Early Morning – 5/Project 52

This weeks Project 52 photo was quite easy, as it just happened that I had the camera & tripod with me (fairly common these days) and that I was near the bridge in Waterford as the sun was coming up. The sun was nestling behind the clouds which gave a nice ray / beam of light over the city. I ended up with a few different versions of this photo. The one below is the photo which I think represented the actual view of Waterford as I took the photo. The bridge in Waterford was the ideal vantage point to take this shot – positioning myself on the centre-point and using a nice Tamron wide-angle lens I was able to capture both sides of Waterford and the nice sunrise over the city.

Waterford City Sunrise Photo, Early Morning Sunrise over Waterford, Ireland

I have being driving over the bridge every morning for the past year and each day I promised myself that I would take a shot in the early morning from the bridge, so another one ticked off the list. I have some Waterford shots lined up for future Project52 posts, so stay tuned !

Photo Location

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Edited : 3/10/2014 – Photo was re-uploaded with watermark as this photo was being used on other websites without my consent.

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