Revisiting old photos

I noticed that I had a lot of photos from 2010/2011 which I had backed up but very few were every touched up or had much editing done on them. There were 2 reasons for this; firstly I didn’t have very good editing software back then and secondly when tools I did have, were limited in what they could do.

Now with better software and better understanding of what can be done, old photos can be re-edited and re-touched. Therefore you can  bring life into what was once a throwaway shot.

One basic example is shown below. This photo was of Milford Sound in New Zealand, nice reflections and scene but not much else. But by using a few tools in Photoshop you can see what can be achieved.

Before Editing

Milford Sound

After Editing and Cropping

Milford Sound
By going back over your old photos you may find photos which could be edited back into life.

Photo Location : Milford Sound, New Zealand

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