Travel Photography : Some Photos from New Zealand

I have been going through some of my photos from New Zealand and doing a bit of cleaning up and Photoshop tweaking and I have uploaded some shots from New Zealand plus one from Singapore which I always liked but did a bit of fixing up of the image. I have placed some details about each image below the photos and I hope to put some more online via my Flickr account (see right of page for the Flickr Stream), and I hope to put up another few posts like this one with further New Zealand shots in the coming weeks.

Arthurs Pass RoadThe road leaving Arthur’s Pass heading towards civilization once again on the way back to Christchurch.
The sky is as-is, no work was done on making the sky look this way, apart from some adjusting of contrast and highlights etc

Arthurs Pass Viaduct - Arthurs Pass New, Zealand, Viaduct Road Arthurs Pass Viaduct Bridge : This Road is on the entry into Arthur’s Pass, an area with great viewing points and
a bird called a Kea which eats the rubber on your car. They have been known to strip & eat all the rubber from the windscreens of visitors cars,
who have gone for a walk and on arrival back at the car the windscreen has fallen into the car.

The Devils Punchbowl Waterfall, Arthurs PassThe Devils Punchbowl Waterfall, Arthurs Pass : A huge waterfall which is recommended in nearly all guide books,
but the 40 minute walk is probably not recommended if you want to avoid sore legs and swearing !

Hokitika - Welcome to Hokitika a small town on the West coast of New Zealand.
Welcome to Hokitika, a small town on the West coast of New Zealand.

Hokitika Sunset and Bonfire : After sunset many visitors lit fires and enjoyed a cold beverage !
Hokitika Sunset and Bonfire : After sunset on the beach at Hokitika many visitors lit fires and enjoyed a cold beverage !
The sunset was an amazing sight to see and I really should have had some grad ND filters to assist with capturing the sunset.

Reflective Lakes at Sunset in Fox Glacier, Lake Hamilton
Reflective Lakes, Lake Matheson at Sunset in Fox Glacier : As the sun goes down at Fox Glacier / Lake Matheson
the mountains go a nice shade of red and the reflections in the lake are amazing.

and finally … Singapore ; a shot I uploaded a while ago but I have cleaned it up a bit and its a revamped version of the previous image uploaded to the blog.

SINGAPORE : Singapore by Night Revamped - Photo of SingaporeSingapore by Night, a revamped version of the photo I recently posted to the blog.
This photo was taken from the 22nd floor of the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore, cable release and mirror lock-up disabled … and no tripod.
I used the level balcony and had a loose grip of the camera strap, just in case. (I have heard cameras sometimes don’t function very well after a 22 story fall)

New Zealand Photo Locations

The map below shows where these photos were taken in New Zealand.

[mappress mapid=”4″]

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