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Waterford N25 Bridge at Night

N25 Bridge Waterford

The last time I visited the River Suir for a view of the N25 Bypass Bridge, also known as the Cat Flap to locals, I had a different camera and a different lens. Now armed with a Canon 7D and a 24-105 L Lens I was attempting a re-shoot.

Shot just after the blue hour ended I had to change the White Balance to Tungsten to combat the yellow street lights from Waterford city in the background.

N25 Bridge Waterford

The photo was shot on a tripod, manually focused, Image Stabilization turned off (since it is on a tripod), manual mode, as far as I recall it was about f/16 and a 25″ shot.

From a bit further away you can see poles from an old pier – might look a bit distracting but they are there and since they were full of moss they took on a very nice green hue.

N25 Bridge Waterford

Photo Location : Granny, Co. Kilkenny

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