SuperMoon Shot with New 70-300 Lens

My Canon 70-300 lens got a battering over the past few years (I had it over 6 years) so I invested in a brand new 70-300. The latest version of this zoom lens has IS and 2 auto-focus modes. The zoom is incredible and I have taken some great shots of aircraft at 36,000ft, on which you can see the features of the wings and in one case clearly read the word Emirates on the underside of the A380.

This week we had Supermoon and I decided to try this out. Unfortunately I missed 100% supermoon shot so this was the evening after but I think this adds to the shot as the full moon would not have the nice shadows on the edges.

The quality was very nice and this was a hand held supermoon shot with a medium ISO – approx 800/s

Supermoon shot with the Canon 70-300

Supermoon shot with the Canon 70-300

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