Photo of the Week – Firebreather

I took this photo of a firebreather at an event in Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny. It was my first time using the Canon L Series of Lens (the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens to be exact) and I was blown away by the results from that lens.

The other thing that blew me away was this firebreather who was in attendance. I spotted the firebreather mid way through his act and had to setup quickly – put the camera on burst mode, fully manual… quick check on light levels and off I went.

Two of the best shots are shown below.

Fire Blower 1 - Photo of the Week

Fire Blower 2 - Photo of the Week

Some extra shots from that event will be on my Flickr profile (shanemcdonald) and (profile shanesphoto) later in the week.

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