Making the Most of the Blue Hour in Waterford

Tonight I decided to put the camera in the car and drive around and see what presented itself. Around 9pm the darkness was starting to become apparent and I chanced checking what time the International Space Station would be heading over Waterford. Thanks to the Twisst service on Twitter 21:10pm was listed and I made my way to the Quay. The light in the sky was still present and as it passed over Barronstrand Street the ISS was a bit too faint, so I repositioned the camera and got the shot below of the ISS over Waterford. It was a 25″ exposure – I used a ND4 filter to try get a few extra seconds exposure … drag out the distance covered by the ISS. The result is below.

ISS over Waterford at 9pm
I wasn’t overly happy with the final outcome as I think its a tad too bright – so I went looking for a second shot and positioned myself looking towards the bridge on the edge of a path and got a 25″ exposure of the quay and traffic which I was much happier with. I like the blueish streaks of the cars coming towards the camera and the red of the lights going away from it. The only thing is that there is a bit of lens flare on the image, which probably could be photoshopped out if I had time but considering I’m getting these on-line within an hour of taking them, its not that bad!

Waterford Quays by Night - Long Exposure, Waterford, Ireland

I didn’t spend too much time on these shots but certainly glad I ventured out and about with the camera as it has been a while … especially with our “great” summer !

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