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Flightfest Air Show, Dublin 2013

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On Sunday 15th September Flightfest in Dublin drew crowds of up to 150,000 who lined the streets from Capel Street bridge to the Point Depot to watch a once-in- a-lifetime, international fly past with over 30 aircraft flying at about 800ft.

FlightFest was organised as part of ‘The Gathering Ireland 2013’ and included aircraft such as Boeing 737, B767, ATR 72, Embraer 195, and Airbus 320, 321, 330, A340 and the new Airbus A380. Also the Irish Air Corps and the UK’s Royal Air Force had a number of helicopters and vintage aircraft, the highlight of which was the famous B-17 Sally B Memphis Bell World War II bomber.

I didn’t actually think I would go to it as the weather on the day was forecast to be cold, windy, dull with heavy rain showers. However the Irish Weather Network (via their Facebook page) said that the rain would be gone by 2pm … and right they were, it turned out to be a great day as you can see fro the blue skies in the photos below.

I was very glad I made the drive from Waterford to Dublin as it was a great day, no rain, clear skies and an event which was perfectly orchestrated from start to finish.

The only thing I would have liked to see was a figure of 8 path, similar to entering into a parallel holding pattern, above the city rather than a straight line as that way you would have seen all sides of the aircraft as it flew overhead.

Some photos of the event are below.

Note : All photos © Shane McDonald – please credit for re-use

Flightfest - Miss Demeanour - Hawker Hunter

“Miss Demeanour” – a privately owned, Hawker Hunter F.58A

Flightfest - Hawker Hunter and F-86 Sabre Photo

The Hawker Hunter and the F-86 Sabre, America’s first swept wing fighter

Flightfest - Lockheed L-382 Hercules

Lockheed L-382 Hercules

Flightfest - Airbus A380 Superjumbo with helicopter in background...

Airbus A380 Superjumbo with helicopter in background…

Flightfest - Airbus A380 accelerating – see the extra output from the engines

Airbus A380 accelerating – see the extra output from the engines and landing gear down

Flightfest - A good view into the wheel-bay of the Airbus A380

A good view into the wheel-bay of the Airbus A380




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