Chinese Gardens in Montreal Botanical Gardens

If you are in Montreal you must visit the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Highlight of these amazing gardens was the Chinese gardens and buildings. The vivid colours were striking with Greens and the reds from the buildings. In order not to white out the colours with the intense sun I found some shade and this allowed more of the colour and detail to be preserved. I like the shot below because of the framing thanks to the trees and shrubs.

The photo was hand held, no time to setup the tripod and I exposed to the temple interior keeping it slightly off centre in order to draw the eye.

Chinese Gardens in Montreal Botanical Gardens

The photo below is the same area but from the opposite side, taken approximately where the person in pink is located above.

Chinese Gardens Montreal Botanical Gardens

Only for the heat this would have been a photographers paradise averaging 40C on the day these photos were taken.

Photo Location : Montreal Botanical Gardens, Montreal, Canada

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