Quebec Boardwalk by Night


One of the main features of Old Quebec is The Château Frontenac and the vast boardwalk which sits in front of it. The boardwalk is a very busy thoroughfare during the day and especially at night. The dominant Château Frontenac is a now a luxury hotel in Vieux-Québec or Old Quebec which is currently operated by Fairmont Hotels as Le Château Frontenac. Château Frontenac was built on the site previously occupied by the Chateau Haldimand, residence of the British colonial governors of Lower Canada and Quebec.

I set up the camera in late evening and took a 12 second exposure, the result is shown below. I reduced the saturation a small but to get rid of the ugly yellow cast from the street lights. (Artificial lighting can be such a problem when taking photos)

Quebec by Night

I have some other photos from Quebec which I will post later in the week.

Photo Location : Old Quebec, Canada




  1. sherri says:

    so busy for a night shot. I like the low angle and the choice of greyscale.

    • shanemcd says:

      Thanks Sherri, I thought eh yellow hue from the lights lent itself towards a greyscale shot.
      The low angle makes it that bit different.

      Thanks for the comment



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