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Monthly Archives: January 2011

30 Jan 2011

HDR, 7 Minute Exposure at Granny Castle – Photo of the Week

I recently got a cable release for the Canon D450 and it has opened a new world of Bulb exposures. Before this my longest exposure (without using stacking software) would have been 30 seconds. Now I am doing 10 minute exposures and thinking nothing of it. This weeks photo of the week is one I took at Granny Castle looking West at Sunset. I was trying to get a long exposure of > 7 mins but the exposure was a […]

22 Jan 2011

Suir Bridge through fog – Photo of the Week

I took a few shots this week – however without a tripod (shame on me) I wasn’t overly happy with some of them. I did however, like this photo of the N25 Suir Bridge as the top of it peeks through a heavy freezing fog as well a an early morning shot in Co. Kilkenny. So technically I am doing 2 shots this week as I’m not sure which I was happiest with. The first one is the Suir Bridge […]

14 Jan 2011

Tramore, Back Strand Reflections – Photo of the Week

This week the Photo of the Week is a bit more local. Only 15 minute drive from Waterford, Tramore’s Back Strand is a great place to enjoy a walk and if you have the camera, you can get some good shots too. Photo topics at low tide include wading birds which can be seen searching for food, and in windy weather surfers enjoy the epic waves. This weeks Photo of the Week is a simple shot of the Sandhills and […]

07 Jan 2011

The Samson, Ardmore – Photo of the Week

On the Cliff Walk, which starts near the Cliff House Hotel, Ardmore, Co. Waterford and continues along the cliffs for about 40 minutes, I found an amazing sight. It was, The Samson. The Samson was a floating crane-ship which was under tow from Liverpool to Valetta, Malta and on 11th December just off the Welsh coast, the towline snapped in a force 6 to 7 south easterly gale. The crane ship ended up on the rocks at Ardmore near Rams […]