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Monthly Archives: April 2011

14 Apr 2011
Tree Stump Flower with Spring Flowers in Background with DOF

Springtime – Photos of the Week

Spring is a great time for any photographer. Lots of colour, variety of textures, and nice light in the spring mornings and evenings. Some Spring mornings have a mist of fog which can be nice to take photos during – however I was not lucky enough to be out and about while these mists were around – normally by 8:30am this has burned off. Its been over a week since I updated the PhotoBlog, so now I have uploaded 2 […]

05 Apr 2011
Focal Greyscale of Lismore Castle HDR - Photo of the Week, HDR of Lisore Castle, Co. Waterford

Steps to the Castle – Lismore Castle, Photo of the Week

I decided to upload a photo to the blog, and converted a shot which I liked and decided to upload it as Photo of the Week. Its a shot of Lismore Castle and steps leading up to the castle and grounds. I have a few different versions of this, the only thing I didn’t like was the way the sky came out. I even tried a semi-greyscale version which is shown below. I Actually found this path by accident as […]