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Monthly Archives: May 2012

29 May 2012
Low Rainbow - iPhone Photography Challenge

iPhoto7 – iPhone Photography Challenge : 20/Project52

I played around with the idea of using the camera which is with me 100% of the time, my trusty iPhone4S which has a great 8Mb pixel camera. One photo per day for 5 to 7 days seemed like an easy challenge but I was trying to create quality photos, or different photos than just a photo of a bird or a nice scene. All the photos could only use apps native to the iPhone to edit or tweak the […]

14 May 2012
Woodstown Beach, Still Life / Sunset as Part of Project52 - Woodstown Beach, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Woodstown Beach, Co. Waterford – Sunset : 19/Project52

Eventually got the camera out and with some nice weather over the weekend I saw this during a walk on Woodstown beach as the sun was setting. I liked the reflection of the sun on the wet sand. The tide had made the sand quite reflective and I just liked the overall effect. Not the best shot in the world but a relaxing view more than anything. I used the Canon 18-55 kit lens for a change with a polarising […]

09 May 2012
Puppy, Pet Photography, Pet, Photography, Pets, Photographing Pets

Pet Photography : 18/Project52

This week I tried my hand at Pet Photography with a new puppy, Pippa, a willing and participant miniature yorkie was a great subject and reacted very well whenever the motor in the auto-focus was whirring. The light was fairly low and as soon as the AF was triggered puppy’s head would pop up and look into or towards the camera. The result below was one of many great shots, so I couldn’t resist putting up this picture as this […]

01 May 2012
Ass Lying Down - Ass Photo, Photo of an Ass on the Ground with a funny expression on his face : Ass Face Smile

Donkey having a Scratch – 17/Project52

I decided to have some fun with this weeks Project 52 photo (by the time I’m uploading it, it’s actually the one for last week). Having visited the donkey sanctuary in Cork, I had a few ass photos 🙂 ; This particular donkey decided to lie down and was enjoying a scratch on the ground. As you can see from the expression on the donkeys face its seems to be a satisfying experience. The past few photos of the week […]