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13 Aug 2016
Airbus A380 Emerged from Clouds

Monster A380 emerging from the clouds

While I was in London we visited Hyde Park and there was an approach to Heathrow on the far side of the park, running parallel to the direction in which I was walking. I spotted an A380 in the distance and saw it was going to have to pass through a series of clouds. My aim was to capture the amazing Airbus Super Jumbo as it emerged from the clouds. The last time I saw one as close was when […]

11 Aug 2016
Deer in Doneraile Park

Doneraile Park, County Cork, Ireland

Cork has some great spots to visit and one of these is the town of Doneraile and it’s famous Doneraile park. The vast spaces of Doneraile park have everything from deer and sheep to swans and squirrels. If you have a camera and enjoy walks then this is the place for you. Doneraile Park comprises approximately 160 hectares of estate land with groves of deciduous trees, a stately home, many water features amongst much more which you can discover during a […]

10 Aug 2016
Some of the Flowers on Garnish Island

A Visit to Garnish Island, Co. Cork

I visited Garnish when I was about 12 years old and I recall that you left the harbour on the mainland, with the typical Irish fields and views and ended up on this paradise type island. The island had plants I had never seen before and as a child it seemed like you were after being transported to paradise. I had the chance to revisit Garnish Island recently and it was just as special. Garnish Island, often referred to as […]

09 Aug 2016
Helicopter about 500m away taken with the 70-300mm Canon zoom lens.

A 300mm lens is worth having in your camera bag

I have a few lenses – Canon 24-105 L lens, a Tamron 10-24 wide angle, a Canon 50mm prime lens and a 70-300mm Canon zoom lens (f4.0,non L type). On a recent walk in Ardmore Co. Waterford I ended up having the zoom lens on the camera 90% of the time.  Firstly the Coastguard helicopter went over, which is why I put the zoom lens on in the first place. After that, I wanted to scan the ocean incase there […]

08 Aug 2016
Samson Crane Ardmore, August 2016

Samson has fallen on Hard Times

The Samson was a floating crane-ship which was under tow from Liverpool, UK to Valetta, Malta. On 11th December just off the Welsh coast, the towline snapped in a force 7 south easterly gale. The crane ship floated for many miles and eventually ended up on the rocks at Ardmore near Rams Head on 12th December around 8am. On 7th Jan 2011 I uploaded my first shot of the Samson, click here to read it, but on a walk this […]

04 Aug 2016
The wonderful Morbid & Son, which was a performance about a Victorian undertaker family desperate for new business.

Waterford Spraoi – Photos from Waterford Spraoi 2016

The Spraoi festival takes place every year during the August Bank Holiday Weekend in Waterford, Ireland. It is a festival of street performance, music and theatre plus some spectaculars which normally happen at key times in the evening. The Spraoi festival will be 25 years old next year and this 3 day festival culminates in a parade and fireworks display. Below are some photos from this years Spraoi Festival.                  

14 Feb 2016
Co Kerry, Parknasilla, Ireland

Sneem & Parknasilla, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Just after Christmas and on the day of the arrival of Storm Frank, I visited Co. Kerry and the picturesque area around Sneem. Staying at the Parknasilla hotel there were many walks near by and the break in the weather the day after Storm Frank allowed for some exploration of the area. There are many facets to the walks in and around Parknasilla, including costal sections, inland marshes and rivers as well as a small climb to give an amazing […]

06 Jan 2016
Punting on the Avon on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Photo Review of 2015

2015 is over and 2016 is barely a few days old. I decided to look back at a few of the my photos from 2015. I didn’t really update the site much in 2015 but I’m hoping to remedy that in 2016 with some weekly posts and hopefully I will restart the Project 52 which will see one key photo per week being uploaded to the site.. Some of the highlights of 2015 and my favourite photos are listed below; Glastonbury Festival This […]

06 Oct 2015
Tramore and the Metal man

Tramore Photo Shortlisted on Morris Oil Calendar 2016

I am delighted that one of my photos was shortlisted for the Morris Oil Calendar 2016. The shot of Tramore and the Metal Man has been selected under the theme “Friendly, Reliable, Local” in this photo competition … I opted for local, since Tramore is only 10km from Waterford City it seemed like a good fit. The photo was taken in late May 2015 on a new looped walkway located a few minutes walk from the beach. Using a 70-300mm lens I […]

03 Oct 2015
Irish Balloon Championships 2015 - Waterford Airport

Irish Balloon Championships 2015

The Irish Balloon Championships visited Waterford once again and this year I was hoping to get a few more shots than last year. The event approached with the sad news that there was a possibility that the Discover Waterford hot air balloon flown with pride by Joe Daly would have it’s last outing in our skies due to a lack of funding from our local council. The Discover Waterford hot air balloon has been a common sight across Waterford and South […]

18 May 2015
Tramore and the Metal man

Tramore and the Metal Man

There is a brand new looped walk behind the old Tramore racecourse near the back strand. It was from here on a sunny April day I decided to use a Zoom lens to compress the scene and focus on the metal man with some passers by also in shot. The lighting was very nice and with some polarisation and a small amount of extra vibrance added to the shot I ended with the final result above.

02 Feb 2015
Hong Kong by Night from the Peak, Photo of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Night, Skyscrapers, Photo of Hong Kong, by Night, Night Photo of Hong Kong

Hong Kong by Night from the Peak

This photo was taken from the summit of The Peak in Hong Kong. This area is certainly worth the admission fee, with an incredible view. However, due to the cityscape, it is certainly a popular area. If you are intending taking a few shots from this area, I would certainly recommend bringing a monopod or if you can get away with it a tripod. I was lucky to get a spot to take the shot above before a few eager […]