More Food Photography this time with Off Camera Flash

Jul 16 2013

I had the opportunity to do some more food photography at Mount Juliet with the amazing chefs at the 3AA Rosette Lady Helen restaurant. The last time I did food photography I didn’t have the facility to take my flash off-camera; however since then, I have purchased a set of flash triggers to remotely fire the 430 EXII which is much more beneficial to the quality and lighting of the final image. The location I chose was the table nearest the window with some good natural light, I setup the flash on another table and had a reflector catching the […]


Food Photography : 21/Project 52

Jun 06 2012
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Almost half way through the project 52 and this post is all about food and fine dining. I recently did some food photography for the Lady Helen Restaurant at Mount Juliet Country Estate. Often photography is a challenge because the subject may be not that aesthetically pleasing and you are trying to do your best with what’s put in front of you – in this case I had very little work to do as the presentation of the food was visually stunning. The main thing I had to worry about was lighting, how to avoid harsh shadows, which wouldn’t do […]