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Category : Locations around Ireland

11 Aug 2016
Deer in Doneraile Park

Doneraile Park, County Cork, Ireland

Cork has some great spots to visit and one of these is the town of Doneraile and it’s famous Doneraile park. The vast spaces of Doneraile park have everything from deer and sheep to swans and squirrels. If you have a camera and enjoy walks then this is the place for you. Doneraile┬áPark comprises approximately 160 hectares of estate land with groves of deciduous trees, a stately home, many water features amongst much more which you can discover during a […]

10 Aug 2016
Some of the Flowers on Garnish Island

A Visit to Garnish Island, Co. Cork

I visited Garnish when I was about 12 years old and I recall that you left the harbour on the mainland, with the typical Irish fields and views and ended up on this paradise type island. The island had plants I had never seen before and as a child it seemed like you were after being transported to paradise. I had the chance to revisit Garnish Island recently and it was just as special. Garnish Island, often referred to as […]

08 Aug 2016
Samson Crane Ardmore, August 2016

Samson has fallen on Hard Times

The Samson was a floating crane-ship which was under tow from Liverpool, UK to Valetta, Malta. On 11th December just off the Welsh coast, the towline snapped in a force 7 south easterly gale. The crane ship floated for many miles and eventually ended up on the rocks at Ardmore near Rams Head on 12th December around 8am. On 7th Jan 2011 I uploaded my first shot of the Samson, click here to read it, but on a walk this […]

10 Nov 2014
Moon Rise over Tramore, Co. Waterford

Moon Rise over Tramore, Co. Waterford

I remember when I was young seeing the moon rise between two houses and it seemed to be massive. It turns out that the closer the moon is to the horizon it can see bigger than it was. Combine that with using a telephoto lens which compresses the scene and you can give some extra bang your moon shots. I knew the moon was full on the night I was heading for a walk. It was around 5:30pm and I […]

27 Jun 2014
St. Marys Church / Cathedral in Sun Rays, Kilkenny

St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny

On a recent walk in Kilkenny as the evening was closing in, the rays of the sun and the┬ásilhouette of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny drew my attention. Using spot metering I was able to place the cathedral so that it was darker than the background and thus also showing the lighting and texture of the clouds. I would have liked to use my ND Grad filters but on a casual walk I had no filter holders with me, just […]