Some Project 52 Themes for 2012…

Feb 12 2012
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I decided to set some photography themes for the Project 52 which I am doing this year on I have not set dates against these as I want to be able to use them when ever I find a suitable subject or opportunity. There are 26 photography themes which allows me to use one ever second week or so (bearing in mind that we are almost 6 weeks into the year already). I will then link up the themes below to the corresponding post later in the year. It might be interesting to see how many I actually get […]


iPhone as a Camera – 7 Days of iPhone Photos

Dec 11 2011

I decided to try push the iPhone 4S and its new camera to see what types of photo results I would or could get from the New iPhone Camera. The iPhone Camera on the 4S is miles ahead of the iPhone 3GS which I had upgraded from. Clearer images and much more dynamic range. I took 7 photos on the iPhone. All editing had to be done on camera, no external post processing (on pc or mac). Use of iPhone apps was allowed. Some of the results were very impressive when you consider they were captured on a mobile phone. […]


iPhone Photography – 7 Day iPhone Photo Challenge

Nov 26 2011
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I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 3GS. The most obvious improvement for me, as somebody who has an interest in photography, was the improved camera and screen. The iPhone 4S camera has 8 megapixels which is 60% more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4 and I’m sure more than the 3GS. Apple claim that it is “the best camera ever on a mobile phone” and that it “might be the only camera you’ll ever need”. The photo below is one which I took on the new iPhone 4S, in the rain, on a cloudy day […]


Photo Theme – Blue

Oct 09 2011

A recent club competition was a photo theme “BLUE’ – therefore any photo which could fall under the style or theme of blue. I had a selection problem on my hands as I had 2 main contenders. Photo selection is critical when submitting your work to a portfolio or photography competition. Sometimes your personal feelings of a photo can overweigh the ‘better’ photo. Therefore you may have 2 or 3 photos which you can’t decide between – the wrong choice might be your favourite one, the right choice is the better photo. (I think on this occasion I let my […]