• Woodland Evening Light

    Woodland Evening Light

    I always like unusual lighting conditions and on a recent woodland walk I noticed a tree which was being lit in spots thanks to the overhead canopy and surrounding trees filtering the light. This resulted in only a section of the tree being lit and thus created an effect which I very much liked. The […]

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny

    St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny

    On a recent walk in Kilkenny as the evening was closing in, the rays of the sun and the¬†silhouette of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny drew my attention. Using spot metering I was able to place the cathedral so that it was darker than the background and thus also showing the lighting and texture of […]

  • Robin on Tree Stump

    Robin on Tree Stump

    I was testing my new Canon 70-300 lens and spotted this Robin Red Breast standing in a patch of sunlight on a tree stump. I took 2 shots, in the first you couldn’t see his head but this was the second. I was very happy with the shot as the feather lines and detail were […]

  • Beauty of Swans

    Beauty of Swans

    During a recent visit to Naas I went for a walk around the lakes near the hospital, and although I lived in Naas for some time, this is an area I had never visited. The swans had their young nearby, still fluffy and probably only a few weeks old. There was also some activity amongst […]

  • Spring Bee Photoshoot

    Spring Bee Photoshoot

    With Spring eventually arriving I was taking some photos of Spring flowers and noticed a bee full of pollen and tried to get some snaps with the 24-105mm lens. Not a Macro lens but by getting in close and cropping later you can make the photo look closer than you actually were. I was also […]

  • Hook Head, Co .Wexford

    Hook Head, Co .Wexford

    On a brief trip to Hook Head, the oldest intact operational light house in the world, I decided to try out some ND grad filters. It was a sunny day so the ND grad filters would have controlled the light in areas of the photo which are too bright, such as the sky and clouds. […]

  • Waterford N25 Bridge at Night

    Waterford N25 Bridge at Night

    The last time I visited the River Suir for a view of the N25 Bypass Bridge, also known as the Cat Flap to locals, I had a different camera and a different lens. Now armed with a Canon 7D and a 24-105 L Lens I was attempting a re-shoot. Shot just after the blue hour […]

  • Ladybird out for a Walk

    Ladybird out for a Walk

    This photo of a ladybird (or ladybug in the USA) I just liked because of the simplicity – one small ladybird in an vast green area. I also liked the texture of the grass stem which the lady bird is walking over. I deliberately used a low aperture so as to blur the background and […]

  • Parisenne Archways

    Parisenne Archways

    On a visit to Paris you can be guaranteed of having amazing subjects to photograph. The people, the architecture, the landmarks, night photography and much more. On one such visit, in the courtyard behind the Louvre Museum, I spotted an archway leading to a bridge and on into the distance. I liked the lines it […]