Experimenting with ND Filters and Long Exposures

Jan 10 2013

Having recently purchased some ND filters I had being longing to try them out for quite some time. I decided to try the seascape at sunset style with the waves crashing across the rocks. The waves become misty and it looks quite nice but I had never tried this before. I am going to outline below how I used the ND Filters, ND Grad Filters and Long Exposures for capturing the waves and rocks. The time was about 5 minutes before sunset when setting up, so I was trying to work fast. Before putting on the filter holder I focused […]


Place d’Armes Maisonneuve Monument,Montreal

Nov 02 2012
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This shot is an evening shot of The Maisonneuve Monument in Old Montreal which, built in 1895 at Place d’Armes in Montreal in memory of Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, founder of Montreal. The Maisonneuve Monument is in a busy square and with many people about I opted for a long exposure, therefore any people walking by would not appear or would appear less vividly than the subject of the photo. The photo was also taken during what is known as the “Blue Hour” when there is still enough light in the sky to show outlines of buildings etc. as well […]


Food Photography : 21/Project 52

Jun 06 2012
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Almost half way through the project 52 and this post is all about food and fine dining. I recently did some food photography for the Lady Helen Restaurant at Mount Juliet Country Estate. Often photography is a challenge because the subject may be not that aesthetically pleasing and you are trying to do your best with what’s put in front of you – in this case I had very little work to do as the presentation of the food was visually stunning. The main thing I had to worry about was lighting, how to avoid harsh shadows, which wouldn’t do […]


HDR, 7 Minute Exposure at Granny Castle – Photo of the Week

Jan 30 2011

I recently got a cable release for the Canon D450 and it has opened a new world of Bulb exposures. Before this my longest exposure (without using stacking software) would have been 30 seconds. Now I am doing 10 minute exposures and thinking nothing of it. This weeks photo of the week is one I took at Granny Castle looking West at Sunset. I was trying to get a long exposure of > 7 mins but the exposure was a tad too bright even with some ND filters attached. So I experimented and found that there was some decent range […]