SuperMoon Shot with New 70-300 Lens

Jul 16 2014
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My Canon 70-300 lens got a battering over the past few years (I had it over 6 years) so I invested in a brand new 70-300. The latest version of this zoom lens has IS and 2 auto-focus modes. The zoom is incredible and I have taken some great shots of aircraft at 36,000ft, on which you can see the features of the wings and in one case clearly read the word Emirates on the underside of the A380. This week we had Supermoon and I decided to try this out. Unfortunately I missed 100% supermoon so this was the […]


Robin on Tree Stump

Jun 25 2014
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I was testing my new Canon 70-300 lens and spotted this Robin Red Breast standing in a patch of sunlight on a tree stump. I took 2 shots, in the first you couldn’t see his head but this was the second. I was very happy with the shot as the feather lines and detail were very clearly visible plus I like the fact that the background, which was out of sunlight, is very dim and therefore is not too distracting. This photo is also on my 500px account and you might get a larger / more detailed version there. I […]


Photo of the Week – Firebreather

Aug 17 2011

I took this photo of a firebreather at an event in Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny. It was my first time using the Canon L Series of Lens (the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens to be exact) and I was blown away by the results from that lens. The other thing that blew me away was this firebreather who was in attendance. I spotted the firebreather mid way through his act and had to setup quickly – put the camera on burst mode, fully manual… quick check on light levels and off I went. Two of the best shots […]


How using IS on a Tripod can cause blurry images

Feb 13 2011

Did you know that by having your Image Stabilization (IS) or Vibration Reduction(VR) can cause Blurry images? Some people told me this is a myth, I even found some websites saying this wasn’t the case. So I tried it out myself. I setup a shot with a 30 second exposure, on a tripod, F/18 shot with a cable release to avoid any shutter-depression induced shake. Shot 1 : Image Stabilisation Turned ON Shot 2 : Image Stabilisation Turned OFF As you can see with the Image Stabilization (or Vibration Reduction) turned off you have a much better shot, sharper. The […]