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11 Aug 2016
Deer in Doneraile Park

Doneraile Park, County Cork, Ireland

Cork has some great spots to visit and one of these is the town of Doneraile and it’s famous Doneraile park. The vast spaces of Doneraile park have everything from deer and sheep to swans and squirrels. If you have a camera and enjoy walks then this is the place for you. DoneraileĀ Park comprises approximately 160 hectares of estate land with groves of deciduous trees, a stately home, many water features amongst much more which you can discover during a […]

10 Aug 2016
Some of the Flowers on Garnish Island

A Visit to Garnish Island, Co. Cork

I visited Garnish when I was about 12 years old and I recall that you left the harbour on the mainland, with the typical Irish fields and views and ended up on this paradise type island. The island had plants I had never seen before and as a child it seemed like you were after being transported to paradise. I had the chance to revisit Garnish Island recently and it was just as special. Garnish Island, often referred to as […]

01 May 2012
Ass Lying Down - Ass Photo, Photo of an Ass on the Ground with a funny expression on his face : Ass Face Smile

Donkey having a Scratch – 17/Project52

I decided to have some fun with this weeks Project 52 photo (by the time I’m uploading it, it’s actually the one for last week). Having visited the donkey sanctuary in Cork, I had a few ass photos šŸ™‚ ; This particular donkey decided to lie down and was enjoying a scratch on the ground. As you can see from the expression on the donkeys face its seems to be a satisfying experience. The past few photos of the week […]

03 Apr 2012
Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland - Photo of Kinsale from Pier Road, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

Kinsale, Co. Cork – 14/Project 52

As it happened I ended up back in Cork for the second week running, having been in Cobh last week, this week I was near Cork Airport. So I decided to scout around for some locations, and thanks to a tip off from Twitter via my @shanesphoto account, I headed to Kinsale and later to Old Head of Kinsale (one of which is up on Flickr). I was 100% positive that I had been to Kinsale when I was younger […]

26 Mar 2012
Meerkat - Compare my Meerkat - Fota Wildlife Park Meerkat or Meercat - Cute photo

Compare My Meerkat – 12/Project 52

Are you looking for cheap car inshooooraance? If so, don’t ask this little furry guy as he has no idea what 3rd party fire and theft is. This is one of the Meerkat’s in Fota Wildlife Park near Cobh, in Co. Cork. The new compound for the Meerkats is just inside the gates so you can’t miss it and you get a good view of them as they perch on the look out. I was delighted at how sharp I […]