Summer Flower and Bees – An Exercise in Patience

Aug 20 2013
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Summer is a great time to take photographs of flowers, wildlife, butterflies and other insects (if that’s something which interests you) and I noticed that there was a lot of activity among a set of red flowers. I decided to try to get the bees approaching the flowers just before they landed. Using the Canon 24-105 L lens I set up shop about 2 feet off the ground shooting upwards towards the sky in order to get plenty of blue in the shot. Setting the camera on rapid fire I clicked off a few and this is when I knew […]


My First Fox Photo – Photo of the Week

Sep 22 2011
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I have always been fascinated by how covert foxes can be, I once came across one in Manor Street in Waterford at 2am one night on the way home from a night out (no camera of course), but had not seen one up close since then. Having picked up a loan of 200mm Canon L Lens only the day before I was more than surprised to come across a fox in my path. I had barely enough time to reach for the camera and take a quick shot of this lovely young fox before it scampered into the bushes. Although […]


How to blur backgrounds using the aperture

Aug 09 2011

Over the past few months there have been many daily searches to this site about depth of field and how to blur backgrounds. Professional photographers use this technique and this post will address some of these actual searches to this site, such as “how to make the background blurry”, “what to I change to make blurry backgrounds”, “camera settings blurred background”, “how to change depth of focus”, “how do you change camera settings to make a fuzzy background” and “what f-stop do I use to blur the background of a photo”. In this post I will outline the settings and […]


Springtime – Photos of the Week

Apr 14 2011

Spring is a great time for any photographer. Lots of colour, variety of textures, and nice light in the spring mornings and evenings. Some Spring mornings have a mist of fog which can be nice to take photos during – however I was not lucky enough to be out and about while these mists were around – normally by 8:30am this has burned off. Its been over a week since I updated the PhotoBlog, so now I have uploaded 2 photos which were taken in the past 3 weeks which I quite like.Hope you like them too… Photo 1 : […]


How to change Depth of Field and make blurred backgrounds

Mar 06 2011

Sometimes when taking a photograph you don’t want your background to be focus as you might want the foreground. Normally you will want your subject to be in focus and the background to be either slightly out of focus or very out of focus.  In order to do this you need to take control of  your camera settings. The Aperture controls the depth of field. What is a Cameras Aperture? The Aperture is basically the eye of the camera which has the main job in a camera lens of collecting light. The aperture of a lens, which is controlled by […]


New Zealand, Lake Taupo Bird

Nov 21 2010

On my way from Wellington to Lake Taupo on New Zealands North Island we stopped off at a viewing point at the start of Lake Taupo, about 45 minutes from the main town. There I took some nice shots of the lake, a storm coming from the East and the black swans which were swimming close to the shore. The main star of the shoot was this small bird, obviously very tame, which at every opportunity was jumping into shot. I like this shot as the detail on the bird is quite sharp and the depth of field / aperture […]