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26 Sep 2014
Hong Kong iPhone Photo

iPhoneography Vs DSLR Photography

The iPhone over the past few years has revolutionised the ability to shoot, edit and share your photographs by just using one device. Personally I prefer using a DSLR but with the iPhone you get to experiment with panoramic styles, filters, but for me its how accessible it is. By no means will the current smartphone cameras ever match the aperture / shutterspeed / quality of a good DLSR. However  it does mean you can use the iPhone for recce […]

11 Dec 2011

iPhone as a Camera – 7 Days of iPhone Photos

I decided to try push the iPhone 4S and its new camera to see what types of photo results I would or could get from the New iPhone Camera. The iPhone Camera on the 4S is miles ahead of the iPhone 3GS which I had upgraded from. Clearer images and much more dynamic range. I took 7 photos on the iPhone. All editing had to be done on camera, no external post processing (on pc or mac). Use of iPhone […]