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  • Woodland Evening Light

    Woodland Evening Light

    I always like unusual lighting conditions and on a recent woodland walk I noticed a tree which was being lit in spots thanks to the overhead canopy and surrounding trees filtering the light. This resulted in only a section of the tree being lit and thus created an effect which I very much liked. The […]

  • Montreal Street View – 32/Project52

    Montreal Street View – 32/Project52

    Street Photography is something I have being trying to do some more of recently and this next shot is a photo from Montreal which I really like because of the lighting and the way the sun hits the buildings. The sun was setting and the sky still had a bit of interest. There were also […]

  • Waterford City in the Early Morning – 5/Project 52

    Waterford City in the Early Morning – 5/Project 52

    This weeks Project 52 photo was quite easy, as it just happened that I had the camera & tripod with me (fairly common these days) and that I was near the bridge in Waterford as the sun was coming up. The sun was nestling behind the clouds which gave a nice ray / beam of […]

  • Photo of the Week – Fog in Kilkenny

    Photo of the Week – Fog in Kilkenny

    November is always a good time for getting photos with early morning mist and fog. This can create some lovely effects when the sun is rising as the light breaks through the fog and starts adding color to the landscape. I went out and about this week, early in the morning to capture some shots […]

  • Why Snow appears Blue in Photographs…

    Why Snow appears Blue in Photographs…

    Do you want to know How To Photograph Snow and have it come out white? Why does snow appear blue in photos … and how can you correct it? We have had a lot of Snow in Ireland over the last week and I have seen a lot of pictures on Facebook / Flickr which […]