Notre-Dame Basilica, Place d’Armes, Montreal

Nov 07 2012

The Notre-Dame Basilica, is located in Place d’Armes, Montreal, opposite where the photo of the Maisonneuve Monument was taken. Again the area was swarming with tourists so I opted for a long exposure. The shot was taken with the same wide angle Tamron 10-24mm lens. The result, Notre-Dame Basilica, is shown below. The photo is nice but there are certain things I would do differently. I think the exposure is a bit off on the highlights within the church spires a little over exposed and also there is a little lens flare coming in on the right due to the […]


Niagara Falls at Night – 30/Project52

Sep 26 2012
Post's featued image.

Working without a tripod is always recommended, working without a tripod in low light is vital … how about doing a long exposure without a tripod? The following image was taken at Niagara Falls about 30 minutes after sunset and it was a 20 second long exposure of Niagara Falls at Night. Thanks to a table, 2 phone directories and a small box to stabalise under the lens (so that the lens didn’t drop and face downwards). I focused manually, turned off AutoFocus and MirrorLockup, used a cable release and prayed. The resultant shot is shown below. Its a nice […]


Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada – 28/Project 52

Aug 14 2012
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I haven’t been updating the project52 recently as I was away in Canada and during the trip took a few snaps which will appear here on the blog and also on the Flickr Stream. Delighted to have some good weather to take photos, the typical Irish man in me would comment that it was a bit too hot! Hitting 37 degrees some days, carrying a camera bag with 4 lenses and mini tripod seemed to be lunacy. Thankfully, I rejected the urge to tip the whole lot into Lake Ontario in exchange for a cooler life … in the end […]


Travel Photography : Some Photos from New Zealand

Mar 08 2012

I have been going through some of my photos from New Zealand and doing a bit of cleaning up and Photoshop tweaking and I have uploaded some shots from New Zealand plus one from Singapore which I always liked but did a bit of fixing up of the image. I have placed some details about each image below the photos and I hope to put some more online via my Flickr account (see right of page for the Flickr Stream), and I hope to put up another few posts like this one with further New Zealand shots in the coming […]