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  • Woodland Evening Light

    Woodland Evening Light

    I always like unusual lighting conditions and on a recent woodland walk I noticed a tree which was being lit in spots thanks to the overhead canopy and surrounding trees filtering the light. This resulted in only a section of the tree being lit and thus created an effect which I very much liked. The […]

  • 2012 Photography Year in Review

    2012 Photography Year in Review

    With 2012 now over, I am having a look back at the photoblog, my photos during 2012, the blog traffic and what photography blog posts were the most popular during 2012. I got the WordPress email which had some very interesting stats. I have combined this report with some from Google Analytics and the results […]

  • Pet Photography : 18/Project52

    Pet Photography : 18/Project52

    This week I tried my hand at Pet Photography with a new puppy, Pippa, a willing and participant miniature yorkie was a great subject and reacted very well whenever the motor in the auto-focus was whirring. The light was fairly low and as soon as the AF was triggered puppy’s head would pop up and […]

  • Landscape Photography Competition with £1,000 in prizes

    Landscape Photography Competition with £1,000 in prizes

    For all those who take landscape photography, you may be interested in this excellent Landscape Photography Contest which is being run by 1st prize is £500 (roughly €600) of photographic equipment with £300 for 2nd and £200 for 3rd place. The theme is Landscapes and entries are 1 digital photograph in colour or monochrome. To […]

  • iPhone as a Camera – 7 Days of iPhone Photos

    iPhone as a Camera – 7 Days of iPhone Photos

    I decided to try push the iPhone 4S and its new camera to see what types of photo results I would or could get from the New iPhone Camera. The iPhone Camera on the 4S is miles ahead of the iPhone 3GS which I had upgraded from. Clearer images and much more dynamic range. I […]

  • Singapore by Night – Photo of the Week

    Singapore by Night – Photo of the Week

    I took a few night shots in Singapore recently and remembered some tips which Canon Cameras had in one of their presentations regarding the taking of night shots. I came up with the following shot of Singapore by Night. The shot was taken around 10pm from the 22nd floor of the Fairmont Singapore Hotel. In […]