HDR, 7 Minute Exposure at Granny Castle – Photo of the Week

I recently got a cable release for the Canon D450 and it has opened a new world of Bulb exposures. Before this my longest exposure (without using stacking software) would have been 30 seconds. Now I am doing 10 minute exposures and thinking nothing of it.

This weeks photo of the week is one I took at Granny Castle looking West at Sunset. I was trying to get a long exposure of > 7 mins but the exposure was a tad too bright even with some ND filters attached. So I experimented and found that there was some decent range on 3 of the photos and managed to compile them into a HDR shot. Not your traditional HDR but it gave an interesting effect.

Granny Castle HDR at Sunset

Maybe some more long exposures to come next week…