Hook Head, Co. Wexford, Sun Beams – 3/Project 52

A few days ago I took a photo at Hook Head which I liked. I hadn’t planned on using it for this weeks Project 52 photo, but having gone out tonight to take some night shots, I found that the clear skies had clouded over !! The weather for photography at the moment is dire (neither one thing or the other) … and its not great for the next few days, so this photo taken at Hook Head is as good as I am going to get.

Hook Head is a great place to go, stunning vistas, crashing waves (amazing in the winter gales), lighthouse at night for those dusk shots when the rotating light is active. It’s certainly a place I will be coming to more often, perhaps later in the evening next time!

This weeks Project 52 shot is the SunBeams at Hook Head, Co. Wexford – Enjoy !

Hook Head Sunset / Sun Beams, Co. Wexford - Photo of the Week / Project 52