Sunrise over River Nore – 2/Project52

Second week of my Project52 was a bit more difficult with the weather not cooperating. Dull overcast days are tricky to shoot as the colours are not as vibrant as when the sun is peeking through the clouds.

The photo below was taken about 20 minutes after sunrise last Tuesday morning, as the sun rose over the River Nore and broke through the clouds. The clouds were nice and I decided to take 5 different exposures in order to get as many textures as possible. The result for this weeks delayed Project 52 shot is below.

Sunrise over the River Nore, Kilkenny - 2/Project52

I had hoped to do an evening shot of Waterford city as the lights were just after being turned on and there was still some light in the sky, but I might park that idea until later in the year.

I’m thinking next week I night do another seascape, an evening shot or perhaps a still life …I’ll wait and see how things pan out this week!