Grey Squirrel with a Red Head – 7/Project 52

In the grounds of Kilkenny Castle there are many areas where you can catch a glimpse of some amazing wildlife, from ducks, geese, swans, and many other types of small woodland birds to squirrels and even on a rare occasion badgers (according to the signs in the grounds of the Castle). On Friday I was lucky enough to get a shot of a small grey squirrel, which I spotted in a tree. Luckily I had my 75-300mm lens on, so getting a shot of this little guy was made a lot easier. I increased the ISO to 400 and dropped down a stop as I would have been taking it at 1/60 according to the metering on the camera, so eventually I got it above 1/125 – quickly enough so that I didn’t miss the opportunity – and this is what I got. It’s a small grey squirrel with a red head (which I didn’t spot until I was adjusting the exposure on the final RAW file).

Grey squirrel with a red head - squirrel photo - photo of a squirrel, a grey / gray squirrel

The problem about shooting wildlife is that they rarely stay in the right spot long enough for you to get a nice shot, so if you do get an opportunity to get a good wildlife photo you just have to take it, and don’t wait and see if they get nearer or look at the camera again etc.