Train Hangs from Red Iron Bridge, Waterford – 6/Project52

Today I took the camera down to Red Iron Bridge and as I did I was amazed to see a train move slowly down towards the gap in the Red Iron Bridge, I was sure it would stop well before the gap but it kept on coming, until ….

Well, that would be an amazing news story and something to go into the photo-journalism portfolio, if indeed it were true ; but this alas is simply a slow photo week, I didn’t get to take the camera out and about much so I decided to do some playing around on Photoshop and used a photo of the Red Iron Bridge which I had taken during the week.

I used 3 layers and the original photo to put it together in Photoshop Elements 9, it was a very quick 30 minute job but a but of fun at the same time and no one got hurt !

Train Hangs from Red Iron Bridge, Train Disaster Waterford just avoided by Photoshop - Fake Photo - Not Real !!!

Hopefully next weeks’ Project 52 photo will be a normal / real photo.

Enjoy !