Parisenne Archways

On a visit to Paris you can be guaranteed of having amazing subjects to photograph. The people, the architecture, the landmarks, night photography and much more.

On one such visit, in the courtyard behind the Louvre Museum, I spotted an archway leading to a bridge and on into the distance. I liked the lines it offered and the people in the distance. The contrast from dark into light was also a nice feature of the shot – as well as the warm tones from the sandstone used in building the arch.

Arch, Paris, Parisenne Archways, Arch, parisenne, Paris, Louvre

This angle faces south-west, so at night with the lamps lit, just after sunset, the sky in the background would be nicely lit by the golden sunset…. Perhaps on a future visit.

Photo Location: Parisenne Archways, Louvre, Paris


Louvre, Paris