First Fashion Event – Photo of the Week

My First Fashion Photography Event

Hadn’t done a Photo of the Week for a while but I decided to upload a few of these.

I took some photos at the recent Mount Juliet Spring Salon Fashion Event – first time I ever tried taking photos at something like this. The event was expertly staged and the luxurious setting of Mount Juliet House, only 20 minutes from Kilkenny was something very special.  The models come through fast, the lighting was subdued and at times was hard to meter for, and I found that I had to take each opportunity as it presented itself while models were walking true.  Two of the photos from the event are shown below.

Moody Lighting at Mount Juliet Fashion Event

The setup I had was, burst mode, ISO 800 with the Speedlite 430 EXII – I played around with a few lenses Tamron 10-24mm and even the standard 18-55mm. The best thing about taking photos at something like this is that you always learn something – one of which was that I probably need a softbox for the flash and probably a faster lens (Canon L-series lens if budget allows) !

Fashion at Mount Juliet Fashion Event

I had read that some people disable Mirror Lock-up for sharper images  … but didn’t have a chance to try that!
Maybe next time!