Cobh, Co. Cork : 13/Project 52

With the 100 Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approaching in April 2012, I decided to post this photo which I took this week during an all too brief visit to Cobh, Co. Cork … (I may also put some more photos of Cobh online either on the blog or on Flickr in the coming weeks.)

The one thing about Cobh (apart from all the Titanic memorabilia) which I noticed, is that it is a very nice town, with a lot to do – certainly a place I will go back to soon. I was here as a child and from what I recall it still retains a lot of what I remember of the place. Lots of colourful shop fronts, nice places to walk and a stunning and iconic cathedral on the hill.

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The day after my visit I did some researching online and I found out something I was not aware of – I had noticed a decrepit looking pier, bits of wood rotting and something which did not look safe… it turns out that this is the 19th century wooden pier in Cobh, formerly Queenstown, where the 123 passengers boarded tenders taking them to the Titanic. It turns out that this pier (called Heartbreak or White Star Line pier) is in a perilous state and some experts are warning that unless funding is provided the pier is likely to collapse. The old White Star Line office has been newly renovated and converted into a Titanic visitor attraction, uncertainty remains over the future of the wooden pier which needs €350,000 to renovate it. Amazing to think that this pier with all that history was left to fall into such disrepair. I’m looking forward to heading back to Cobh; for a longer visit next time!

Photo Location : Cobh, Co. Cork

Cobh, Co. Cork

Cobh, Co. Cork