Compare My Meerkat – 12/Project 52

Compare My Meerkat

Are you looking for cheap car inshooooraance? If so, don’t ask this little furry guy as he has no idea what 3rd party fire and theft is.

This is one of the Meerkat’s in Fota Wildlife Park near Cobh, in Co. Cork. The new compound for the Meerkats is just inside the gates so you can’t miss it and you get a good view of them as they perch on the look out.

Meerkat - Compare my Meerkat - Fota Wildlife Park Meerkat or Meercat - Cute photo

I was delighted at how sharp I was able to get the final shot of the Meerkat, as I was shooting through the highly reflective and highly irritating (from a photography perspective) perspex glass.
I actually placed the lens almost touching the glass at 90 degrees in order to minimize any reflections or glare. I also set the camera to about F/5.6 in order to get a quick shutter speed and some depth into the shot (as there were many distractions in the background).

The only other thing I had to worry about was the spelling of Meerkat or Meercat … Google Insights for Search illustrated that there were more searches for Meerkat then Meercat so I decided to go with that!!
The Meerkat still hasn’t sorted by car insurance but I don’t think this guy is Alenxader !