Grey Heron at Cahir, Co. Tipperary : 11/Project 52

Grey Heron at Cahir Castle

I came across this grey heron totally by accident in Cahir, Co. Tipperary ; it was standing in the weir just opposite Cahir Castle. Over a period of about 5 minutes this heron did not move, apart from tipping the flowing water with its’ right foot. I used the Canon 75-300 and upped the ISO to 400 so that I could get a nice crisp shot with the flowing water from the weir rushing by. The shot below is the zoomed version and there is a wider angle shot further down this page.

Heron standing on weir in Cahir

I was hoping that the heron might spot some fishy lunch and go diving; I had the camera set on rapid shot mode just in case and I was shooting at about 1/250. The wider angle shot of the heron is shown below.

Heron standing in weir in Cahir 2

The concentration and stillness demonstrated by this heron was amazing and I could have watched it for ages…