Moonshot – 9/Project 52

Moonshot Photo

Once again this past week the weather didn’t cooperate with my plans. ISS was in our skies last week and Monday and Tuesday it was too cloudy, Wednesday I didn’t have access to my camera, and Thursday – Sunday was not good for taking photos, with wind and rain. The best I did was a brief window on Sunday evening to get a shot of the almost full moon. I like it better when the moon is ‘almost’ full as you can see more of the craters rims etc.

The Moon - Almost Full Moon taken on a very cold spring evening.

Believe it or not, but this shot of the moon was taken around 6pm when there was still plenty of light in the sky, but you can then afford to drop down the shutter speed to about 1/800 to get a crisper shot (vital on the evening I took this as it was very windy and even with a good solid tripod you will induce shake into the shot on a long exposure)