Nibbling Squirrel – 10/Project 52

The Nibbling Squirrel

This photo for last weeks Project 52 entry, a bit late posting it but better late than never.  This weeks photo is yet another squirrel (a different one note) but this time its nibbling on some leaves and it was quite an interesting shoot. I saw the squirrel from a distance, its back to me, so I setup the camera, ISO 400 and a decent fast shutter speed as I was on the 75-300mm lens once again, so wanted to avoid shake / blur.

I very slowly moved under the branch, all the time moving slowly, avoiding twigs (which would crack and give the game away). I got this shot before the squirrel saw me, and scarpered further up the tree.

Although the final shot looks close, the squirrel was in face about 10metres up the tree on an overhanging branch.

A Nibbling Squirrel in the Trees - Squirrel eating a leaf.

It’s amazing what you actually see when you move slowly in a wildlife area, during this shoot there were many wild birds landing very close to me – move slowly, keep alert and be ready for anything.

It really is a pity about the weather recently, but hopefully I can get out and about with the camera again this week. Time to get inventive me thinks !!