Waterford N25 Bridge at Night

The last time I visited the River Suir for a view of the Waterford N25 Bridge, also known as the Cat Flap to locals, I had a different camera and a different lens. Now armed with a Canon 7D and a 24-105 L Lens I was attempting a re-shoot the Waterford N25 Bridge by night.

Shot just after the blue hour ended I had to change the White Balance to Tungsten to combat the yellow street lights from Waterford city in the background.

Photo of the Waterford N25 BridgeWaterford N25 Bridge, Photo by Shane McDonald

The photo of the Waterford N25 Bridge was shot on a tripod, manually focused, Image Stabilization turned off (since it is on a tripod), manual mode, as far as I recall it was about f/16 and a 25″ shot.

From a bit further away you can see poles from an old pier – might look a bit distracting but they are there and since they were full of moss they took on a very nice green hue.

This is an amazing structure to photograph and plans for future shoots include moon rise, International Spacestation passing by and also perhaps a sunrise photo of this great bridge.

N25 Bridge WaterfordWaterford N25 Bridge, Photo by Shane McDonald

Photo Location : Granny, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Granny, Co. Kilkenny

Granny, Co. Kilkenny