Kilfarrasy Beach – As the Tide Rushes In – 16/Project52

I have been trying to get out to the beach late in the evening for a long time and eventually last night I did, however I didn’t have my full compliment of filters so I made the job a bit tougher than normal. I had been scouting Hook Head, Kilfarrasy and Annestown Beach as possible locations for a sunset long exposure shoot. Eventually I got to Kilfarrasy Beach for a shoot.

I was also hoping to capture the space station as it passed overhead (supposed to be 20:46pm but I never saw it). The resultant shot is what I got, not what I was hoping for but the shot below is not bad for a first attempt.

Kilfarrasy Waterford

This weekend I hope to take some shots in and around Co. Cork, near Mallow. Other areas I have scouted for future photography sessions include a night shoot of Wexford town and some city shots of Waterford perhaps revisiting the black and white shots I did last year and creating similar shots.

Where is Kilfarrasy Beach

If you don’t know the area, Kilfarrasy Beach is located about 12 minutes from Tramore, traveling west along the coast road. It takes a small bit of finding but it is worth it. Kilfarrasy has been the location for some of my best ever shots. If you want to see some more of this beach, click the Kilfarrasy Beach link.

Photo Location : Kilfarrasy, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Kilfarrasy Beach, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Kilfarrasy Beach, Co. Waterford, Ireland