Kinsale, Co. Cork – 14/Project 52

As it happened I ended up back in Cork for the second week running, having been in Cobh last week, this week I was near Cork Airport. So I decided to scout around for some locations, and thanks to a tip off from Twitter via my @shanesphoto account, I headed to Kinsale and later to Old Head of Kinsale (one of which is up on Flickr). I was 100% positive that I had been to Kinsale when I was younger but it didn’t bring back any memories, so the location was all new. Kinsale is a lovely town, very busy, even on a Sunday … but then again Sunday might be its’ busiest day considering how many tourists there were. Having parked the car on the waterfront, I walked the town looking for something interesting – it wasn’t overly sunny so the light wasn’t great. After 30 minutes walking I ended up back at the car, so I set up the tripod and fired off a few shots of the waters edge and some of the surroundings. Thankfully some blue was beginning to show through the clouds which made the scene quite pleasant.

Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland - Photo of Kinsale from Pier Road, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

I would have loved to press on towards the West Coast and up into Gougane Barra before heading back to Waterford but the weather started to close in and I said I would save that trip for another day.

Photo Location : Kinsale, Co. Cork

Kinsale, Co. Cork

Kinsale, Co. Cork

Update – 5th September 2012

This photo “Kinsale Reflections” has been listed on the Morris Oil 2013 Calendar.