Tramore and the Metal Man – Photograph of Tramore, Waterford

There is a brand new looped walk behind the old Tramore racecourse near the back strand. It was from here on a sunny April day I decided to use a Zoom lens to compress the scene and focus on the metal man with some passers by also in shot. I really like this shot and I have called it simply ‘Tramore and the Metal Man’.

Tramore and the Metal Man, a Photograph of Tramore, Waterford

The lighting on the peninsula where the Metal Man is situated was very good. Nice shadows and highlights and with some polarisation and a small amount of extra vibrance added to the shot I ended with the final result above.

I shot about 4 or 5 different shots, each about 30 seconds apart, some with no people and some with a group of people walking. I feel the addition of people into the Metal Man shot really adds more life into it. Sometimes landscape photos need a person or some movement to enhance the feeling of what it was like to be there. The clouds on the day actually helped diffuse the light as I feel it would have been overly bright otherwise.

Update : October 6,2015 — The photo of Tramore and the Metal Man was chosen for the Morris Oil Calendar 2016.

Photo Location of Tramore and the Metal Man

Tramore and the Metal Man

Tramore and the Metal Man