London Dove In Your Face – 24/Project52

I went for a walk in St. James park near Buckingham Palace in London and found that the Doves and pigeons were very tame, in fact, when I held my had out, 2 of them landed on my arm. While I was doing this I thought I could capture some of the avian flapping action that was going on all around me. I upped the shutter speed to 1/1000s and locked the focus. The attempt was to get a Dove in flight.

4 or 5 shots later I had the shot below as a pigeon / Dove was headed right for me, trying to intercept the 2 tourists who were feeding other birds right behind me.

London Dove in Your Face - Pigeon, Dove, Fly

The shot was taken with the Tamron 10-24mm lens as it was the only one I brought to London. It’s quite a good lens and many of my recent shots were taken with it.

Photo Location: St. James Park, London

St. James Park, London

St. James Park, London