Moon through the Bridge Wires – 25/Project 52

On the way home from Kilkenny one evening I spotted the full moon high in the sky, and as I approached the new N25 toll bridge at Waterford I wondered if the 2 would be in the same shot. I decided to go down as far as the old Waterford – Carrick road, now a dead end, and shoot the bridge from there. And as I suspected the 2 were ideally placed to take in the same shot.

I was hoping that the moon might be a bit higher but I was able to get it through the suspension cables or the Bridge Wires on the bridge as you can see below. I may work on the image and upload a better version during the week !

Waterford N25 Suspension Bridget with the Moon shot through the Suspension Cables of the Toll Bridge

I was using the Canon 24-105 L lens with a ND4 filter, ISO 100 but more importantly or more significantly no tripod – I would not normally try such a shot without the tripod but I was happy to capture the shot as it was. Anyway, hope you enjoy !!

Photo Location : Granny, Near Waterford, Ireland

Granny, Near Waterford, Ireland

Granny, Near Waterford, Ireland