Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada – 28/Project 52

I haven’t been updating the project52 recently as I was away in Canada and during the trip took a few snaps which will appear here on the blog and also on the Flickr Stream.

Delighted to have some good weather to take photos, the typical Irish man in me would comment that it was a bit too hot! Hitting 37 degrees some days, carrying a camera bag with 4 lenses and mini tripod seemed to be lunacy. Thankfully, I rejected the urge to tip the whole lot into Lake Ontario in exchange for a cooler life … in the end took a few snaps I am proud of.

The shot below was taken about 30 minutes later than I would have liked as the sky had gone black and the blue hour was missed. It was the last night in Toronto so I knew I wouldn’t get this opportunity again. Setting up my trusty mini-tripod which I got on Amazon for about $8, I was using the new 24-105 L lens, mirror lockup enabled and the 2 second delay (didn’t have time to set up the cable release). I waited for the traffic lights to turn green so that I could get some light streams from the cars passing. The result is quite nice – The Royal Ontario Museum at Night. The shot was 13 seconds at ISO 100 and f/10.

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON, Canada - ROM, Toronto

Finally, this week I noticed the photo blog has been listed in the long list for the Blog Awards Ireland so thanks to all who nominated the blog. Hopefully the site will be considered in the shortlist.

Photo Location: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto