Summer Flower and Bees – An Exercise in Patience

Flower and Bees – Patience in Photography

Summer is a great time to take photographs of flowers, wildlife, butterflies and other insects (if that’s something which interests you) and I noticed that there was a lot of activity among a set of red flowers. I decided to try to get the bees approaching the flowers just before they landed.

Using the Canon 24-105 L lens I set up shop about 2 feet off the ground shooting upwards towards the sky in order to get plenty of blue in the shot. Setting the camera on rapid fire I clicked off a few and this is when I knew that the challenge was quite interesting. The breeze was blowing the flowers which created some blur there (even on a high shutter speed there was a bit as it was a windy day) and also the bees were flying in and out of the focal plane as I was shooting around f/5.6.

My solution was to hold the flower still and concentrate on one bee only. After about 20 shots I got somewhat lucky with the photo below, as one bee sits on the flower the another approaches and some smaller wasps circle slightly outside the focal point; the wasps are not in focus  due to the DOF (Depth of Field) created shooting at that aperture.

Bees landing on Flowers - Summer Bees and Summer FlowersFinal shot of Flower and Bees

All we need is just a little patience … Guns n’ Roses