Supermoon August 10th

I didn’t get out with the camera in time to see the Supermoon rise on August 10th (once source quoted 10:48 as being the moon rise time) . By the time I released it was earlier I decided to wait until the moon was thigh enough in the sky to get a clear shot at it.

I decided to use the Canon 70-300 to get in close and used ISO 200 so not to add too much noise. The Shutter speed was 1/400 to eliminate any hand shaking blur and I used f/7.1 to allow in a decent amount of light.

The result is shown below.

August 10th Supermoon, Supermoon Photo

Supermoon on August 10th

I hope to be a bit more prepared in September for the next Supermoon, although not as close as this one, it should still be a good spectacle.